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  • The most efficient way to use your time effectively if you are looking for a property in Hungary.
  • See up to 20 houses based on your requirements, our findings and your final shortlist
  • We will help you with accommodation, travel, activities and renting cars etc.
  • Hungary Property is in partnership with over 40 agents across Hungary so has access to over 35,000 houses countrywide, starting from as little as £1000.
  • We can act as your eyes and ears as we are based in Hungary and have excellent and very efficient staff who know what the foreign clients needs from their home abroad.

    We speak 8 different languages and are aware of every real estate law in Hungary, ask us any question and we will know the answer, no matter how trivial or major.

    If you cannot find what you are looking for on our site then fill this form in and we will send you some recommendations from our partners.

    You are under no obligation at any time, but please see our purchasing guidelines.

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