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Building Survey

  • Are you worried about those Cracks?
  • Are the Electrics and Plumbing safe?
  • What exactly is the structure and building material used in the house?
  • Is there a damp problem?
  • How much to renovate?
  • Do you need a Building Survey on your new Hungarian Property Purchase or a Builder with an excellent reputation?
Hungary Property have a partner in the Building and Construction industry in Hungary who have been an established firm for over 15 years.

In Hungary you will find many so called construction experts who say they will deliver high quality work, the prices are well below the Western European as materials are a little cheaper and wages are incredibly low.

Despite these facts there are many stories about problematic construction in Hungary. Of course some people want to profit from the Hungarian Construction boom without knowledge but these enterprises are quickly discovered to have no real experience and last a short while, some even leaving jobs half-done leaving the home owner with major problems to try to deal with as are left with no construction plans and have difficulty communicating due to the language.

We have solved this problem by teaming up with Magyer Kuria Building and Construction who are a German owned firm but use only Hungarian tradesmen to keep the costs low. They have excellent contacts and deliver above-average work. All houses are inspected before any work is started, plans are computerised with visual images and descriptions of work required and itemised costs of materials and works.

During the works a project manager will be on site most days to ensure that the flow and quality of work is per the contract, even if you are far away and not in Hungary at the time they will keep you up to date with emails, photos and phone calls where necessary.

No job is to small, bathrooms and basic renovations are common place, and no job is too big, MK can also arrange all permits and permissions for new extensions, window re-sizing, loft conversions etc.
If you would like to find out more about the basic survey or would like a quote on a job that needs doing then please send us a message or call on 00 36 30 7163800

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