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The  staff of Hungaryproperty.org are a  group of professionals, who together can use their experience and knowledge of the Hungarian property market to assist you in your property search.

Finding a House for Sale in Hungary

Finding houses for sale in Hungary is very easy as any village that you visit will have at least one or even several for sale signs (Elado) on display and you can also find Hungarian property websites listing thousands of houses. However finding just one house for sale that is a good house to buy in Hungary can be extremely difficult for someone who is not familiar with the country and does not speak Hungarian. You can easily find that what seemed a very nice house turns out to be a house with many hidden problems that soon begin to reveal themselves after you have purchased the house. Finding the right location is also very difficult as Hungary has thousands of villages and small towns each with its own characteristics. Because of the way many villages are hidden down roads that lead to nowhere else, you would have to drive many thousands of miles to explore all the small towns and villages in just one small region of Hungary.

We can help you to find your property in Hungary, whether it is a permanent Hungarian home for your retirement, a second home in Hungary, a holiday home in Hungary or a house where you can get back to nature and live a self sustainable lifestyle. There is a far greater range of property types at affordable prices in Hungary than you will find in any other European country apart from Bulgaria. But there is no comparison between Hungary and Bulgaria. In fact Hungary is far more like a combination of Austria and France than it is like Bulgaria and houses in Hungary are built to a much higher standards than similar houses in Bulgaria. In fact many of the British expats in Hungary will tell you they have escaped from Bulgaria. Some have also escaped from the Spanish Costas and are happy to have done so.

We are glad that you have found our Hungarian property website and look forward to hearing from you whatever property enquiries you may have. As we said at the beginning of this page, the Hungary Property team are dedicated to helping our clients find a house in Hungary that is the right choice, one that they will be proud of and very pleased to have purchased. Hungary Property will ensure that your search for a suitable house in Hungary will be a pleasant experience and a great deal easier than it otherwise might be.

Other Property Buyers in Hungary

Although Hungary remains relatively unknown to British holiday makers and second home seekers, other nationals have already discovered the unique and special attraction of Hungary. When Hungary was still part of the communist bloc and long before the Wall came down, the East Germans came here for their holidays and party officials would have summer houses here. In the last twenty years the number of Germans and Dutch holidaying and buying property in Hungary has risen year by year, only fairly recently slowing down because of the problems in the the European economy. In more recent years Swedes and Russians have joined the Germans and Dutch in deciding that Hungary is a good place to holiday and buy property and there is now a significant number of both nationalities living in Hungary.

Over the years a small number of British citizens have discovered Hungary and there are about 1,000 British citizens who have purchased a permanent or holiday home around the Lake Balaton area. Another 1,000 will be found scattered in other parts of the country and of course there are many more in Budapest the captivating capital of Hungary. The number of British settling in Hungary has been rising year by year over the last few years as more would be emigrants and holiday home seekers from the UK find Spain too expensive and no longer as attractive as it used to be and Bulgaria not the idyllic country they imagined. Others have looked at Croatia with its enticing coastline but have found that comparable property to that found around lake Balaton is twice the price and apart from the beach Croatia has little to offer in comparison to Hungary.

Property That Can be Purchased in Hungary

As at 2012, UK citizens and citizens of other EU member states are allowed to buy one property in Hungary as a private individual. There are very few restrictions on the type of property that you can buy and what restrictions there are should soon be withdrawn due to the requirement for Hungary to observe the EU regulations regarding inter EU property purchases by EU citizens. At the moment EU citizens are excluded from buying weekend wine houses and their accompanying vineyards which were not originally intended for holiday homes or permanent living accommodation. You are also excluded from buying some properties that lie outside a village or town’s official boundaries and have not been classified in the land and property registry as residential properties. Agricultural land is also not available to non Hungarians.

The Hungary Property Team, has combined their talents, skills, contacts and experience, enabling them to offer -in our opinion- an unrivalled quality of service; this allows you the opportunity to bring your overseas property dream to reality in safe and trustworthy hands.

Why use Hungary Property?

We spend a great deal of our time extensively researching the laws and procedures relating to the purchase of Hungarian properties. We also study the results and conclusions of market research, and the findings about buyers requirements identified in focus groups. Together with our accumulated knowledge of Hungarian property this ensures that our information is up to date and you can rely on our advice regarding how to buy, where to buy and where to invest.

Its important for us to mention our connections as without our contacts we have made here in Hungary we wouldn’t be able to give the best possible arrangement for each individual.


Simplify – We make the buying procedure as simple as possible by removing all the unnecessary paperwork and solving any of the problems that may arise.  We speak  English and are English so understand what the British buyers needs are.

Bureaucracy – We undertake what can be the daunting task of dealing with the various official and legal requirements relating to the purchase of a property, thereby allowing you to concentrate on the more practical matters that will be important to you.

Service – You will benefit from a complete and comprehensive service, and we will make sure that any queries or requests for information receive, accurate, reliable and speedy responses. In most cases you can expect a reply within 24 hours.

Completion – When you have completed your visits and viewings and have decided to proceed with a purchase we can usually complete the transaction within three days, or if you have to return to the UK within four weeks.

Our Team at Hungary Property


Russ – Consultant & Sales Negotiator

Russ provides Hungary Property with current market details on valuations and trends in the Hungarian Property market.

He is able to provide accurate information and liaises between the vendor and the buyer in order to ensure that both are getting a fair price.

He maintains close contact with the lawyer and agents while making every effort to negotiate contracts which work well and are satisfactory for all parties.

Much of his time will be spent travelling through various areas of Hungary to check on houses and villages.  He will ensure that any viewing trip is well organised with the agents and he will give a good honest opinion on any work that may be required on the property, the details of the utilities and the characteristics of the area.  He will ensure that all flaws are pointed out when seen.

Bori – Translator

Bori is a Hungarian citizen with German and Italian grandparents, so she has a good grasp of languages. She speaks fluent English and translates with confidence.

She is very empathetic when dealing with vendors as they are often very worried at the prospect of dealing with overseas buyers, as they will not have had that experience before.  Bori explains the details of the situations well and with confidence. She also ensures that translations are correct in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

She is able to translate verbally and in written form and works closely with the Lawyer to ensure we are kept up to date with current legal matters.

Joszef – Researcher & Translator

Joszef speaks three languages and works as the flash lightning for Hungary Property. He is very capable of discovering which villages and locations are desirable and which are best avoided. He can also provide statistics for the village regarding crime rates, population and other necessary information very quickly.

Hungary Property often works on a requirements search basis. The properties on the website are handpicked, so that when a suitable property for sale cannot be found on  our website, Joszef will make an extensive search in order to best match a clients requirements.

Lajos – Lawyer

Lajos who is a member of a group of lawyers who have a long history of excellence in the business is an extremely competent litigation and property lawyer.

His invaluable and highly important advice keeps Hungary Property up to date with changes in the law , and he gives accurate advice on houses and their state of affairs.

Lajos clears all houses of encumbrances before they are listed on our site or purchased.  Before a client purchases a property he will explain very clearly to that client the responsibilities that the purchase will bring, when taxes etc. will have to be paid, and how to keep within the law.

Our Partners

Hungary Property are in partnership with many Agents all over Hungary which ensures we are working to the legal sales guidelines.  Our partners all have a good reputation in the Hungarian property market and hold real estate license’s.

This gives us access to thousands of houses at any one time so we are able to offer a good selection of homes,




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