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Hungary Property Trip Planner on How to Get to Hungary

There are several ways to get to Hungary depending on where you start, when you travel, and how much you want to pay, plan your trip here:

Flight to Hungary

There are flights to Budapest International Airport and others in the surrounding countries such as Vienna & Graz in Austria & Bratislava in Slovakia; you can fly to these airports from most starting locations.

Many of our clients find the following websites helpful:

  • Skyscanner –  a very useful flight finding website which then allows you to go and book your trip directly with the airline
  • Expedia – traditionally, one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly flight finders

We are often asked whether we are able to recommend a particular airline. In our experience Easyjet & Wizz Air seem to be a popular choice.

Coach to Hungary

  • Eurolines –  an excellent choice for those of you who do not like flying, the journey takes around 25 hours with around 7 stops

 Drive to Hungary

  • Google Maps –  superb route planner if you want to go at your own pace and have the freedom to travel Hungary, great if you want to bring your own equipment

Hungary Travel

Once you are here how are you going to get around?

Public transport is very good, frequent and great value for money, and you can get almost anywhere with a little planning.

  • Volan– a website that will give you excellent bus timetables and services from almost any town, city, village & hamlet of Hungary
  • Mav – for trains, mainline and local stations this website is another excellent resource for getting from place to place

Car Rental

Is another great option for getting around, its the choice that gives you the most freedom, if you need more information about renting locally then please send us an email, otherwise most airports give very competitive rates.

Enjoy your Trip!

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