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General Overview of Hungary for Property Buyers & Interesting information about Hungary as a Country to Live in

Where is Hungary

Hungary has an ideal central European location. It is bordered by seven other countries so is perfect for exploring other parts of Europe. If you purchase a property in the Lake Balaton area you could drive to Maribor in Slovenia or Zagreb in Croatia in two hours, Vienna in Austria or Bratislava in Slovakia in three hours and four or five hours will take you to Venice, Trieste, Passau in Germany, Brno in the Czech Republic and numerous other towns and cities in Europe that one day you may want to explore. However you will probably find there is so much to see and do in Hungary itself that it may be a long time before you feel the need to cross its borders.

Climate in Hungary

Many describe the Hungarian climate as Mediterranean. This is not really accurate but the climate in Hungary is much closer to the Mediterranean climate than it is to the UK climate. Hungary enjoys about 2000 sunshine hours a year compared to about 1400 in the UK. In Hungary, unlike the UK the seasons are quite distinct and arrive regularly at the same time every year. Summers start in May and last until late in September have an average about 28°C with occasional very hot spells (up to 35°C) which are usually followed by short thunderstorms. Spring and Autumn enjoy mild day time temperatures and cool nights with quite a lot of rain in Spring. Winters are fairly cold and there will usually be snow on the ground at Christmas, but winters are also fairly short, lasting from mid December to the end of January.. During the extremely cold spell, lakes and rivers will freeze and the frozen Lake Balaton is enjoyed by ice skating and ice sailing enthusiasts.

Crime in Hungary

Crime in Hungary is below the European average. with an average crime rate of 4%. If Budapest with its crime rate of 6% is taken out of the calculation the average crime rate for small towns and villages is around 3%. For comparison purposes, London and major towns in the UK have a crime rate of around 12% and the UK has an overall crime rate of about 7%. Crime is probably better reported in Hungary than it is in the UK so the real figures probably favour Hungary even more than the official statistics. Much crime in Hungary is simply opportunistic so if you are very careless possessions may well disappear. You will not find in Hungary the organised gangs of foreign criminals that are now becoming established in the UK, Spain and some other European countries. For clarification the crime rate is the number of crimes committed in a year per 100 population. So if you lived in a village with 500 inhabitants in Hungary you could expect between 10 and 20 crimes a year in your village, but they would all be very petty and easily avoidable.

Cost of Living in Hungary

The cost of living in Hungary is not very much different from that in Western Europe in general, with some things being a bit cheaper in Hungary and some things like imported goods being a little more expensive. However there are some important areas where things are a lot less expensive than they are in the UK. First there is the cost of housing. In Hungary. Because of the very low house prices there is no need to have a vast amount of money tied up in purchased property. Instead you can put it to good use. Invest it, add it to your pension pot, start a business or just enjoy spending it. In addition the yearly property taxes are just a small fraction of what they would be in the UK. Then there is the delicious food and wine which is far better and cheaper than what is available in the UK. And of course if you still have not managed to give up smoking you can still afford to buy cigarettes in Hungary.

Infrastructure in Hungary

The infrastructure in Hungary provides motorways and rail transport connecting it with Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia and beyond. It is not difficult to travel by train to France, Italy, Germany or even the UK. The country has a network of well maintained non motorway main roads which provide fairly easy access to and from any part of the country. Motoring in Hungary is a very pleasant experience as not only are you nearly always driving through scenic areas but the roads have very light traffic compared to those of the UK or most of Western Europe. The national railway though is centered on Budapest so some railway journeys will take you into Budapest and then out again on your journey from one town in Hungary to another. There are several narrow gauge railway systems which provide a very pleasant way of seeing parts of the country otherwise difficult to reach. As an alternative to the railway there are very extensive long distance bus services which can provide more direct connections between towns and every village will have a local bus service connecting it to other nearby villages and to the nearest town.

Environment in Hungary

Anyone who has experienced Bulgaria and even in comparison to the UK, will be surprised on arriving in Hungary to discover how exceptionally clean and tidy the country is, with no signs of the litter and debris that are to found in many other parts of the world. Not quite up to the standards of the immaculate Austria but not far off. Refuse collection and recycling is well organised in Hungary and the government and local authorities set high environmental standards for the towns and villages. These standards are maintained as the Hungarians themselves take great pride in their country and the appearance of their own towns, villages and houses, although in some cases lack of funds means some are unable to maintain as high a standard as they would like. If you are fit and unemployed in Hungary, in order to obtain benefits you will be expected to spend a few hours a week in one of the teams of people who help keep the country clean and tidy. You will find these people working quite cheerfully as they are quite happy to do this work.

Politics & People in Hungary

Hungary has enjoyed a fairly stable democracy since the demise of the communist era. During the last 20 years, as in other countries there have been swings to the right and to the left. At the moment a strong right wing government is in power and like most other Western European governments is concentrating on restoring financial stability to the economy. There is a culture of corruption at government level left over from the communist days. Hungary like several other European countries, are in the two thir
ds of countries of the world which are considered significantly corrupt, but at least in the case of Hungary it is gradually diminishing with the help of pressure from the EU. Germany and other countries have enough confidence in Hungary and its well educated workforce to continue investing in Hungary and are actively building new manufacturing and technical factories and plant. The Hungarian people are generally cultured, well educated and highly literate. They are a nation of friendly people and it is not usually very long before Western Europeans begin to feel at home in Hungary. A visit to view a house for sale will nearly always result in coffee and home made cakes being offered and a glass or two of wine made available to any non drivers.

Ethnic Minorities in Hungary

There are very few ethnic minorities in Hungary. The largest group is that of the Roma (400,000-600,000), followed by Germans (200,000-220,000), Slovaks (100,000-110,000) and Croats (80,000-95,000). Another large group is the Romanian minority with 25,000 inhabitants and the Polish minority with its 10,000 inhabitants. The other minorities, Serbs, Slovenians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Armenians, Ukrainians and Ruthenians have less than 5000 inhabitants. These 13 nationalities are constituent components of the state.The Gypsies are probably the most notorious ethnic minority that are part of the total population of Hungary. The Gypsy population are the most deprived and under privileged section of the population in Hungary. They have traditionally suffered a stigma of being untrustworthy and all too often have become the scapegoats for other wider social problems, not only in Hungary but other Eastern European countries where they are found.

Lifestyle in Hungary

If you wonder what sort of lifestyle you could have in Hungary or want to know a little more about the country try browsing this non commercial website. This website presents basic facts and information about Hungary and will not attempt to sell you anything. Many commercial tourist and information websites are full of misleading and exaggerated information but they are correct when they say as many do “Hungary is a beautiful and richly historic country located in the heart of Europe. Whether it is gastronomic greatness, artistic endeavour, high culture, idylic peace in the countryside, you are looking for, Hungary should be your destination and there is no doubt that this beautiful country sits right on top of the European list, offering you a wide range of activities from gastronomical journeys to cultural events and last but not least great spa complexes all year long.

Hungary as a Country for your Retirement or Holiday Home

Those looking for Hungarian holiday homes or a permanent home for their retirement might enjoy living in one of the villages around Lake Balaton where with an average of six hours sunshine a day throughout the summer the beaches of Lake balaton are easily accessible for enjoying the sun and warm water, The villages on the north side of Lake balaton are best suited for those who want beautiful natural surroundings and peaceful quiet evenings. The beaches to the south have several towns with a vibrant night life throughout the summer. During the day there are innumerable festivals, markets and leisure activities taking place in the whole region.

Alternatively, Hungary is a country in which you can still find endless uninterrupted nature and complete peace and quietness with villages hidden away in forests and valleys. The amazing countryside and superb weather provide an atmosphere conducive to total relaxation and peace of mind. With its rolling hills, ancient forests and great lakes, Hungary is a country you will very soon begin to appreciate and enjoy. Houses for sale in the Hungarian countryside can vary from unrenovated farmhouses and modest village style house to farmhouses that have been renovated to the highest German and Scandinavian standards and modern luxury villas. Unless you really want to get away from urban life somewhere deep in the South East of Hungary, most villages in the countryside will not be far away from a town with a 24/7 hypermarket and all the facilities and conveniences you would find in an English town..

Hungary for the Self Sustainable Lifestyle

Many have already found that Hungary is an ideal country for a self sustainable lifestyle. We can show you old farmhouses with an acre or two of good quality land that will enable you to grow all you need and will usually have some barns sheds and cellars to make keeping chickens, goats and even pigs a possibility. It isn’t uncommon to have an old well on the property, but if there isn’t and you don’t want to be dependent on mains water, Hungary is a country where wells can usually be established which will help with the irrigation and save on the mains water. Hungary is also a country with a long wine making and bee keeping traditions. As a matter of fact right back to Roman times. Most areas of Hungary are suitable for both of these activities so a house in Hungary would enable you to add home made wine and honey to your other home produced foods. For those with limited resources there are still old unmodernised farmhouses with plenty of land ranging in price from £5000 to £10000.

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